Torba is a forested, little town on northern side of Bodrum bay. Sea is calm and clean in Torba. You can find good quality hotels and restaurants here. Beaches are also fine. Bodrum Torba is only 6 kilometers away from Bodrum city. If you don't like crowds and chaotic ambiance of Bodrum, Torba is your place for vacation.

You can find boat tours to Didim, Milet and Priene, all are on the opposite side of the bay. Fish restaurants are also fine in Bodrum Torba town. You can always find fresh sea products. Torba is first developed as a summer houses area. You can still see many summer houses in the area but nowadays new hotels with swimming pools are built. You can find frequent bus services to Bodrum and it takes only 15 minutes.

Torba is very close to Bodrum's hyperactive vacation conception but keeps its characteristic calm and slow daily life. This tiny town has a special place in its visitors' hearts. Yacht charter Turkey.

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