Ayvalık is located in northern Aegean region. Ayvalık and Lesvos island used to called Aiolis in the hsitory. This region is famous for Aegean cuisine, olive and olive oil production, sandy beaches and historical heritage. Inside Ayvalık bay, there are many small islands. Most famous island here is Cunda. Cunda is very characteristic and lovely with its stone paved streets, historical houses, fish restaurants and beautiful coves.

In Sarımsaklı region you can find a very large and long beach and high quality hotels. In Ayvalık city center and Cunda island accommodation options are mostly bed and breakfasts in historical buildings and boutique hotels. Other settlements in the bay are Gömeç and Altınova. Gömeç and Altınova are better known for agricultural facilities and summer houses.

Besides wonderful beaches, tourists who visit Ayvalık find themselves in a very delicious gastronomic adventure. Ayvalık cuisine consists of fresh vegetables and herbs, sea products and olive oil. An ideal dinner in Ayvalık should begin in a fish restaurant on Cunda shore, with fresh 'meze' dishes, fish and herbs. 'Lokma' dessert and Turkish coffee in historical 'Taş Kahve' coffee house should complete the dinner. Yacht charter Turkey.

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