Astypalaia called in Italian Stampalia and in Ottoman Turkish İstanbulya, is a Greek islands with 1,334 residents in 2011. It belongs to the Dodecanese chain in the southeastern Aegean Sea. The island is 18Km long, 13Km wide at most, and covers an area of 97Km². Along with numerous smaller uninhabited islands (the largest of which are Sýrna and Ofidoussa), it forms the Municipality of Astypalaia. Astypalaia is part of the Kalymnos regional unit.

The island has a rich historical past being mentioned in Greek Mythology and then colonised by the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The Ottomans kept it until 1912 when they were occupied and governed by Italy. Then in 1947Astipalea, together with the whole Dodecanese, joined Greece yacht charter.

There are many uninhabited islands to explore such as AgíaKyriakí, Avgó, Glynó, and many more. You’ll also find a small museum, an imposing castle in Chora and many archeological sites.

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