The Greek island Arki is a small island with very few inhabitants. The locals generally live near the habor and are mostly occupied with fishing or goat herding. There are only four taverns on the island and therefore it is not very touristic. The land is dry and rocky. Only some olive trees are to be found. If you want to escape from everything and do not want to be bothered Arki is the right place to be.

Yacht charter Greece takes you from a Turkish harbor and according to your needs, arranges the kind of holiday you want to experience. You can spend some time in more crowded islands and have fun and an adventure and when you want to be alone and in solitude, motor yacht charter Greece can take you to more isolated islands. It is all up to you. You do not have to spend your whole holiday inside luxury hotels. If you go to Arki you will be spending time in the open where you will get closer to nature. You will have a chance to explore the ruins of acropolis and the sunset there will take your breath away.

You will relax on the beach and swim in the clearest water. You can also see the cave of the island and have some adventure while finding it as it is difficult to notice because of the olive trees and bushes that surround the cave. If you like to be out in the open and be close to nature, you should sail to Greece with motor yacht charter Greece.

Yacht charter to Greek islands is a good choice to spend your holiday and choosing the destinations yourself is what makes this holiday even more enjoyable. You will see the places you want to see and be in a very different atmosphere. We will give you the best service and make you comfortable. Call us and let us make your dreams come true.

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