If you want to spent a different holiday, a blue cruise would be the best choice for you and your loved ones. If you want to escape from the real world and discover the life on the sea and on the island, here is your chance. With yacht charter Greece we depart from a Turkish harbour and take you to the Greek islands called Amorgos which is part of Cyclades islands group. It is a charming island, full of beauties, calmness and everthing you would expect to have in a holiday. The sea, the sun is waiting for you.

Without any trafic we will take you with our yachts so that you can both enjoy the sun, the sea and the voyage itself. When we arrive to our destination you can take a visit on the island, taste its food, see its nature and its people. You must certainly not forget to try its traditional drink, which is called rakomelo. It is raki with honey and cinnamon inside. You can drink it at the bar called Zygos which is at Xora.

You can meet with islanders there and have a chat if you like. There is a monastery to be seen and many villages to explore. We offer you enough time to enjoy the island which will surely be taking your breath away. You can choose your type of yacht yourself. It can be a standart, luxury, deluxe or even ultra delux yacht. We offer you a safe and comfortable journey in our yachts, a wonderful island to see and to photograph. If you want to be a part of such a holiday, you can call us or e-mail us anytime. We assure you that you will never regret it, because you will see that at the end of day it was worth it.

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