Gökova Gulf is located between Bodrum and Datça peninsulas. At the end of the gulf, there are Gökova and Akyaka towns. Akyaka is on the shore, Gökova is located inner side. Most important symbol of the area is Azmak river. This river has a rich fauna and flora and you can join a boat tour on the river. Clear watera of the river is alkaline and used for laundry washing by the local women in history. Swans on the river make the ambiance even more beautiful.

Another remarkable feature of the area is houses with traditional architecture. Some of these houses are restorated and used as hotels today. You can find every kind of accommodation and restaurants in Akyaka Gökova.

Another town on Gökova Gulf is Ören. Old name of this town is Gereme. This name come from ancient times, Keramos in Greek. Gökova Gulf is also called Kerme Gulf sometimes. This name comes from Keramos too. Ören is 58 kilometers away from province center Muğla and has many hotels and beaches just like Gökova. Yacht charter Turkey.

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