Agios Efstratios

Agios Efstratios is a tiny Greek island and is also known as Saint Eustratius who lived on the island in the 9th Century as an exile for being against to the Byzantine Emperor. His grave is still there. The island was used as a place of exile in the ancient times. The island is 30 km to Lemnos island and 80 km to Lesbos island. It is located in the northern Aegean Sea. The island is isolated and there are only about 30 people living on the island. It is a quiet island and it is mostly visited during summer months as it is very hot and and there are numerous beaches on the island. If you like swimming, sunbathing and relaxing Agios Efstratios would be perfect for you.

The terrain is rocky and dry and the land is not fertile but the island is rich in terms of fish. That is why most of the locals are occupied with fishing. The island is said to become the Greece’s first “green” island which will only use the renewable energy sources. Sun, wind and electricity will soon be the only energy sources to be used on the island. There is the Museum of Democracy that can be visited on the island. You can visit the volcanic grey beach that has warm waters. If you are interested in being cut off from the rest of the world motor yacht charter Greece is your answer. Sailing to Greece is one way to have a relaxing and entertaining holiday. Yacht charter Greece will give you the time you need to relax and free your mind. Yacht charter to Greek islands is very popular among tourists nowadays. For further information contact us and arrange the holiday of your life. It is a good opportunity for you to have a chance to spend some time alone, only by yourself or your family and friends.

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