Greek island Agathonisi is a small island and lies on the northern part of Dodecanese. There are many other small islands around the island and it has two villages that are called Megálo Chorió meaning “Big Village”, and Mikró Chorió meaning “Small Village”. In the middle of these two villages Agios Georgios is located which is the harbor of the island.

The villages of the island are settled inland in order to avoid piracy in the ancient times. The island is 13,5 square kilometres long and there are approximately 185 inhabitants on the island. Agathonisi is a lovely picturesque island with its sugar white houses and its clean blue sea. Although it is not so popular like Mykonos or Santorini the island still has its own attractions like quietness and peace. And there are still some cafes and taverns.

Agathonisi is also called “Donkey Island” as well, as there are literally donkeys on the island. The island is approximately visited by 800 tourists every year and each year it is getting more and more known and touristic. The view, the sea, the nature and the stillness itself are what attract people more and more every year. Besides tourism the locals are generally occupied with fishing. You can relax, do sunbathing and swimming on the island. There are some historical remains on the island to see as well. By sailing to Greece with taking yacht charter Greece, you will have the chance to feel this peculiar atmospfere of Agathonisi and spent some time quiet, away from the crowd and problems. You can relax on the beach, read your book, walk on the island, do snorkeling or fishing. There are also many bays to be discovered. It is a perfect place to clear your mind.  Motor yacht charter Greece makes this holiday of your dreams come true. Contact us and have the best yacht charter greece holiday of your life. gulet charter turkey.

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