The Greek island Aegina, is a magical island where you will witness the most unforgetable moments of your life. The island is called in many names such as Egina, Egine or Aigina. It is not only a fantastic destination but also the perfect place to live. If you have a chance to see Greek islands you must also put Aegina on your list. It is a very developed touristic island but still untouched by mass tourism.

There are various beaches on the island where you will feel yourself relaxed and escaped. Especially the beach facilities are fabulous ranging from umbrellas to bars. Aegina is also a historical island where you can visit The Temple of Aphaia or you can see the archaelogical place called Kolona. You can take walks on the island to explore its wonders, you can swim, enjoy your day by sightseeing or by cycling. It is all up to you. If you go to the island you must definitely visit the church of Agios Nektarios. You can also visit other museums and many other churches to get to know the Greek history, culture and people. It is a lovely island close to Athens and this is the reason why it is so touristic.

The island was even the capital of Greece in 1828 for a small period of time. The neoclassical buildings in the village called Perdika will take your breath away. The amazing Aegina island is a place not to be missed. You will encounter the Greek culture along with the untouched beauties of the island. The secrets of Aegina is waiting for you to discover them. All you have to do is to join yacht charter Greece. Sailing to Greek islands for spending holidays is a very common thing in these days. Motor yacht charter Greece offers you this opportunity to make you spend a splendid holiday. Aegina is a well known weekend destination and yacht charter to Greek islands offers you this wonderful holiday for you and for your loved ones. 

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