Yacht charter to Greek islands is very popular in these days for summer holidays. By sailing to Greek islands you will have the opportunity not only to see a new culture but also have a fantastic holiday full of memorable moments and joy. The town Tinos is especially important in terms of religion. There is a pilgrimage every year because of its icon of virgin Mary.

There is a church and a monastery to visit. When you are on Tinos island, it is recommended to have fish for dinner as the very famous fishing bay which is called Panormos is on this island and there are many fish tavernas where you can taste the delicious fish of the island. You can also do surfing due to the waves of the island. There is even a surf-school there. The island is 194.6 square kilometres. It is a big island with at least 8,636 inhabitants. The island is close to Andros island, Delos island and Mykonos island. It is also famous for its windmills. Some famous sculptures and painters were also from this island. The main streets of the island can be visited on foot but the villages nearby are not close.

Yacht Charter Greece

That is why it would be a good idea to take the bus or taxi. With its varied landscape, Tinos is a very picturesque island. It has numerous beaches. If you want you can explore the main centre and if you are in need of some place of your own, you can go up the mountains and explore its natural beauties which is full of fresh air and green. Yacht charter Greece is a perfect holiday to experience something new and memorable. Motor yacht charter Greece can be the best holiday you have ever experienced. For detailed information please contact us via e-mail or phone. We will do our best to arrange a journey that suits you best.

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