Sifnos is a very small island of Cyclades group of Greek islands. It is only 35 square miles. The island has been inhabited since very ancient times, and is famous for its gold and silver mines. It is said that the gold mines of the island were destroyed by an earthquake caused by Apollo. The island is a normal island now, not much different than any other Cyclades islands. Sailing to Greece has been a very popular touristic destination in the last years. The island has become very famous in the recent years and tourism became the most important occupation on the island. If you desire to spend an active holiday in an authentic atmosphere, you can go to Sifnos.

The roads are good on the island and there are bus services to certain places but walking is the best way to really see the nature of the island. When you go there you must see the folk art museum, the archaeological museum, the village of Artemonas famous for its Cycladic architecture. There are also some other ancient sites. You should also see the bay of Vathi. There are many good restaurants on the island with very delicious traditional food. The island has a 70km shoreline.

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